Entry #1

PetiteSymphony.com goes live! :3

2009-03-01 01:41:39 by Amai-kun

After months of planning and hard work, it is -finally- here! :D

- http://petitesymphony.com -

Please go ahead and give the new site a look. :3 Read the WebComic "Kickin' Rad", join the forum, and real soon you can buy awesome quality shirts, hoodies and accessories with original print designs from our online store.

Ok, sales-speech aside...
I'd love to hear what you guys think. :3 With great plans ahead, we need -you- to support us. Populate and spread the love~ <3

PetiteSymphony.com, don't you forget it. x3

Who knows... Maybe we'll see Lilium soon again. ;3

PetiteSymphony.com goes live! :3


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2011-11-21 01:30:11

I came back to NG after 6 years specifically to see if there was a new Lilium. To my disappointment there has not been one. I will check back again in the future. The animation has stuck in my mind for years and I do not expect it to vanish anytime soon.


2012-03-10 05:45:41

She is not coming back, is she?

Amai-kun responds:

She is.


2012-08-17 17:32:35

Hey, 6 years ago i saw "Lilium". Do you plan to continue? I would love to see more of it. Please don't forget about it.


2014-05-14 02:23:50

We're still here! :D

I dare say we're all as curious about what you're up to as we are longing for an update. Where have you gone?


2015-05-17 14:13:02

I'd love to see more Lilium, where can I find you if not on Newgrounds?


2016-07-03 15:46:58

are you even still active? this post was in 2009