Entry #1

PetiteSymphony.com goes live! :3

2009-03-01 01:41:39 by Amai-kun

After months of planning and hard work, it is -finally- here! :D

- http://petitesymphony.com -

Please go ahead and give the new site a look. :3 Read the WebComic "Kickin' Rad", join the forum, and real soon you can buy awesome quality shirts, hoodies and accessories with original print designs from our online store.

Ok, sales-speech aside...
I'd love to hear what you guys think. :3 With great plans ahead, we need -you- to support us. Populate and spread the love~ <3

PetiteSymphony.com, don't you forget it. x3

Who knows... Maybe we'll see Lilium soon again. ;3

PetiteSymphony.com goes live! :3


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2009-03-01 02:26:09

Brand spanking new site! Good luck on getting some heavy traffic to the site, but with great artists putting works on there and an occasional plug here and there on NG, I'm guessing you guys won't need luck at all!


2009-03-01 03:33:38

Lilium is in the future? wow!


2009-03-01 04:28:13

site looks pretty good for a first design but i think that the forum suffers the same problem a lot of other forums do in that it doesn't match the design or colors of the rest of the site. also i'm guessing your twitter is a placeholder for an actual blog.. other than that looks good.


2009-03-01 05:43:31

I love the site already.


2009-03-01 06:57:28



2009-03-01 09:53:22

Sweden rocks!! Also, cool site.


2009-03-01 11:40:41

ill have to look at this site sometime. right now i have other things to do. but first 2 things:

ive always been envious of ppl who draw like you, and i really dont envy anytin. *sniff* i really need to practice more : (

and that dude (bobby) has ..... problems. y do ppl always do shit like that? once a person made a penis in one of these (yes using the keyboard). who the HELL has that much free time?


2009-03-01 11:42:01

oh...and i forgot....ive been to sweden once. it was a nice place. cold as f*ck though.


2009-03-01 12:46:55

Amazing! I'm stoked about the new site and about seeing more art from one of the greatest! :3

p.s. how long has it been since you've posted here, 2 or 3 years!?!??! It's about time. lol.


2009-03-01 13:06:54

I liek it


2009-03-01 15:53:48

There are just 2 pages of Kickin'Rad yet, but I already fell in love with it. xD Awesome humor. I hope you keep them coming for a long time. ^^


2009-03-01 17:40:24

Looks site-tastic.


2009-03-01 18:45:45

good for u


2009-03-02 14:53:27

Good luck on everything.
I'll definitely be reading the new comics.


2009-03-09 21:59:32

I love the comic. hope it keeps coming. :3


2009-03-14 01:23:04



2009-03-15 13:49:04



2009-03-22 23:22:39

you suck at flash


2009-03-31 20:37:22

unlike some people, i think you are really good at flash and stuff!!
Keep up the good work, even though i havent seen anymore of your flashes everysince 2006


2009-04-03 23:31:20

I need to ask you somthing.....
if your not planning to use lilium in any anime series
mind if you work with me in the future with my anime?
i kinda need somone like her afficianado and personality

Pm if you can or
contact me through gmail Vandertuque7@gmail.com



2009-04-08 12:42:48

Awesome website

Just a suggestion...Have you ever thought of making your Kickin RAD comics a flash or something?

I just thought it'd look cool on NG...


2009-04-12 07:40:57

Woah! the site looks so awesome x_x

I've given up on Lilium. I've been waiting since I was in the 9th grade :p


2009-04-13 04:32:59

I like the website. But all your shirts are sold out. :P

I loved Lilium, I can't wait for the sequel, but it's been 2 years .. Anyway, good luck, and I'll be keeping an eye out for any new movies you make. Good luck to you :)


2009-04-28 10:28:10

you do are gathering fans around here =D
good luck on the projects, we're living on the expectative of your next release of Lilium, hope it gets here sooner than possible
congrats for your beautiful work!

and nice site, by the way =)


2009-05-26 23:40:40

Lilium is driving me crazy!! >.< Just wanna see what happens in this very gothic and morbid story. Anyway...guess ill head to PetiteSymphony.com to pass time... Cheers!


2009-06-09 09:09:43

Cool Site. You're a great animmator and artist!


2009-07-07 12:56:03

Good news. I'm looking forward to seeing Lilium again^^


2009-07-13 17:01:37

Lilium is amazing, i love the art animation detail, pretty much everything and anything to do with Lilium! I Can't wait to see what you do next with the story and i do check daily to see if we have anything ( no luck yet though :[ )

But would like to say on a lighter note, The site is really cool, just read the comics and i like em. Hope it gets around and i will certainly spread the word! Err, love your work, and well simply keep it up (please)!

Thank you!


2009-07-20 09:39:28

Lilium reminds me elfen lied


2009-08-08 23:56:18

i love the lilium movie u made it creeps me out but its so good i keep viewing it to get chills and still enjoy it sorry great video all im gonna say thats awesome okay bye


2009-09-06 00:12:28

Site was nice and all, but I was rather disappointed that the only thing about Lilium that I could find was a sold out t-shirt :(


2009-10-27 22:36:57

I actually came across your webcomic through an internet search, and once i made it through the majority of the posted comics, I noticed the little Lilium posts on the site. At first i didn't get it- what was the connection? But i followed the link, and it all came together! Love your story for Kickin' Rad, and you write the fantasy concepts well enough that they make (relative) sense. Lilium was cool too, so don't leave newgrounds hangin', ok? I want to know why the demon wanted the unborn child. Anyway, You are a fantastic writer, and your art is spectacular. Keep up the good work!

By the way, see if you can get the other members of Petite Symphony involved with newgrounds. It would be awesome if you had a crew here. I am sure it would quickly rise to prominence on the site :), and They would be well received, I'm sure.


2009-11-08 05:07:27



2009-12-15 22:34:52

love lilium

shes how i got my name :D

but shes a bit more serious and im a little more retarded O.o


2010-01-02 11:54:58

Checked out the site, and it is indeed kickin' rad! Cant wait to see something new about lilium! I love your work! I love your art! I love Kickin' Rad! And I love you! KEEP IT UP EMI !!!!!!


2010-02-03 16:16:11

your stuff is the sickest animation flashwork i've ever seen! i think that the story for lilium was really cool, and i cannot wait to see some more of it. no pressure, heheh. have a good life dame.


2010-02-27 15:58:45

Hey what program you use to do that awesome animations!!!


2010-03-02 01:41:09

The anniversary of this post. My how the time flies, for when I can track my own growth and experiences relative to a landmark like this, it must certainly show that I'm waiting on a vine to grow, as I stare fixated at the root. Grapes have grown and fallen and passed, into the dirt. But I've largely ignored these, hoping that the root may spring someday. And someday it surely will. But as I stand in place to watch for that single comet, what have I missed in the vast cosmos, that which goes far beyond my eye. Maybe a shower of meteors behind, had I only turned to see. Regard, that time is but time, it is of my own value to judge. Nothing is wasted but potential. Although with infinite potential, what have I lost?


2010-05-04 02:09:10

i read it and then


2010-07-06 14:05:10

when are you continuing with Lilium? it's beautiful in a dark sort of way and I for one would like to see more (or theres something wrong with me lol)


2010-08-06 14:25:58

lilum is a great storry


2010-08-06 17:48:36

Archive shows that you've not done Kickin' Rad in a while. Why is that? Anyways, you've got some good comics. I'd love to see more.


2010-08-08 01:56:05

ure so fucking sexy


2010-08-17 07:57:23

hey! !! wazzup!! great blog!! but i wish you would continue lilium its like 2010 now!!! please make a sequel to lilium.. you dont realize this but you have a lot of fans of lilium and i mean A LOT!!! please dont let your fans down T^T... I've also become a fan of your because of lilium...


2010-09-01 17:20:03

I sure hope so!! Lilium is a FAVORITE and I got my boyfriend hooked XD


2010-09-14 23:30:09

pleeeeeeease post more lilium pleeeeeease pretty please with a cherry on top please.


2010-12-30 23:25:14

I like your site. (^_^) But I have two questions, are you going to finish Lilium? And are you even still doing work on Newgrounds? I've been on here for years and 2009 was the first time in a long time I saw you post something on here again, and then you disappeared. I understand you have a new sites and toons (Rascals is my favorite one so far), but I was just curious. Has a long time fan I just wanted to know. I see your forum is down and your store is sold out =(. Too bad I was hoping for Lilium gear (I like her picture on the background though). I'm just curious, I hope get a moment to respond. Thanks for all the great animation. (^_^)


2011-04-10 07:26:34

Deff for supporting this and deff for seeing Lilium go up. : D When I think Lilium, I think DVD's. : D Good luck. : 3


2011-04-14 01:26:06

Goodness these posts are all pretty old nothing new :*(


2011-05-26 15:42:02

Thank you for Lilium.
You indirectly introduced me to Elfen Lied.
My favourite anime of all time :3.